Natalie Starkey

Natalie Starkey

Science media producer, Chemistry World

I started at Chemistry World in 2022 as Science media producer. My role is to curate the webinar programme which includes many streams of content, from commercial to research-focussed webinars, feature-led content as well as webinars looking at books and events.

Before moving to Chemistry World I was a science communicator, having written two books, Catching Stardust (2018) and Fire & Ice (2021). In 2019 I wrote a new space show for the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History in New York which is now showing around the world.

I originally started out my working life as a research scientist. A PhD in geochemistry led me to explore active volcanoes in Iceland and the Caribbean before I moved into space science research, analysing the chemistry of pieces of comets and asteroids.

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