Short items

Bacteria wrapped up 
US and Spanish chemists have developed  antibacterial edible food wraps by adding oils of oregano, lemongrass and cinnamon to apple pur?e films. The resulting wraps inhibited the growth of E. coli; though yet to be tested on fresh produce, they may become an alternative to conventional produce washes, the chemists claim. 
CBC News, 17 November 2006 

Sex aids banned 
The UK’s Medicines and healthcare regulatory authority (MHRA) has ruled that herbal formulas sold by TV nutritionist Gillian McKeith’s company, McKeith Research, must be withdrawn. Fast Formula Wild Pink, for women, and Fast Formula Horny, for men, made claims to boost sex drive and performance but were being sold without a licence or proof of efficacy. 
The Sun, 22 November 2006 

Chemical blast 
A chemical plant explosion in Danvers, near Boston, US, damaged almost a hundred buildings and injured ten people. The cause of the blast at the privately-owned CAI Inc., who make printing inks and other industrial coatings, is still being investigated. State lawmakers are preparing to supply $2 million in aid, drawn from unspent funds intended to help refugees from hurricane Katrina. 
The Boston Globe, 6 December 2006 

Bionic hornets 
Deputy prime minister Shimon Peres has said that Israel is building  futuristic weapons based on nanotechnology. They include a flying robot, nicknamed the ’bionic hornet’, which would be able to chase, photograph and kill its targets, and miniature sensors to detect suicide bombers. Peres said that prototypes for the new anti-militant weapons were expected within three years. 
Yedioth Ahronoth, 17 November 2006