Short items

Erasable tattoos 

Inks trapped inside polymer bead microcapsules could be used as the first  regret-free tattoos . Laser treatment can burst the capsules open, releasing the ink, which is then broken down by the body. Although removal is easier, the tattoos are still applied by a series of painful injections. 
The Guardian, 2 August 2007 

J&J sues Red Cross 

Johnson & Johnson has filed suit against the American Red Cross over their shared logo. J&J alleges that the Red Cross has licensed the design to for-profit companies to use on products such as  first-aid kits , infringing their copyright. J&J already sells first-aid kits with a red cross logo.
The Wall Street Journal, 9 August 2007 

Mattel recalls toxic toys 

Mattel have recalled millions of Chinese-made toys that contain  lead paint , banned in the US nearly 30 years ago due to links with brain and neurological problems. Mattel has announced two recalls over lead paint in as many weeks. A Chinese factory owner linked with the initial recall apparently committed suicide over the scandal.
Los Angeles Times, 14 August 2007 

Coffee on the run cuts cancer 

A combination of caffeine and exercise can help to prevent skin cancer, suggest studies in mice. The  caffeine and exercise seemingly killed off precancerous cells whose DNA had been damaged by UVB rays, the study’s authors say. But drinking a cup of coffee before going jogging isn’t a substitute for adequate sun protection, cautioned Cancer Research UK. 
The Times, 31 July 2007 

Binge-drinking lowers omega-3 

Binge-drinking reduces the body’s levels of  omega-3 fatty acids, say US researchers. These compounds are known to be important for concentration and memory. The effect was particularly strong in men, the scientist found. 
The Telegraph, 25 July 2007