The death of expertise - Main

The mass disparagement of knowledge is a recent phenomenon. Apparently we’ve all had enough of experts, and facts aren’t important, as there are always alternatives. In The death of expertise, Tom Nichols considers how facts fell out of favour, and what it means for the future of society. Hear an interview with Tom, a reading from the book and the views of the Chemistry World team.

You can read our review of The death of expertise here.

Next month, we’ll be discussing the fact that experts have no idea about the most important things in the universe (oh the irony), as we examine We Have No Idea: A Guide to the Unknown Universe by Jorge Cham and Daniel Whiteson. We want to include you, the Chemistry World  reader, in the conversation so tweet your thoughts to @ChemistryWorld, or use the hashtag #BookClubCW and we’ll endeavour to include your opinions (or questions) in the podcast.