A photo of Isabel Ellie Knaggs surrounded by a decorated frame

Ellie Knaggs and tetrahedral carbon


Ellie Knaggs’ claim to be the first to use x-rays to prove carbon’s tetrahedral bonding in molecules has been overlooked, finds Andy Extance

A photograph of Polly Arnold

Polly Arnold’s diversity of interests


Kit Chapman asks the champion of actinide chemistry and diversity in science what comes next as she starts her new role at a US national lab

An image showing a set of doors engraved with the Nobel medal

Has the chemistry Nobel prize really become the biology prize?


Researchers digging into the data call for honesty and transparency on how the prize has changed over the years

An image showing the OHIS compound in Skopje, North Macedonia

Balkan states face uphill task over environmental remediation


Abandoned chemical plants and stores pose cleanup challenges

An image showing gas masks

Two dead at US industrial tank cleaning site


Workers overcome by fumes in enclosed tanker truck

An image from the explosion at the petrochemical plant in La Canonja (Tarragona)

Deadly explosion at ethylene oxide plant in Spain


Two employees killed and seven others injured at Iqoxe plant in Tarragona

An image showing flowers seen placed on the portraits of the victims of flight PS 752 at the memorial corner of Boryspil International Airport

Plane shot down by Iran had dozens of Canadian scientists on board


Canadian academic community mourns the deaths of students and colleagues

An image showing a teflon coated frying pan

Europe sets its sights on non-stick and stain-resistant perfluorinated chemicals


EU plans to regulate these compounds as a single class, as action on them stalls in the US 

An image showing a melting glacier

CFCs responsible for half of Arctic sea-ice loss


Halogenated compounds responsible for one third of global warming in the late 20th century

An image showing an ultra low emission zone in London

Brake dust damages lungs as much as diesel exhaust fumes


Landmark study highlights a new avenue for air pollution research

An image showing side-on and end-on views of the HOMO (SOMO) of the bound configuration

Rhenium plays starring role in bond movie


Controllable energy input from transmission electron microscope captures atoms dissociating and recombining

An image showing readily accessible sp3-rich cyclic hydrazine frameworks

Synthetic strategy exploits fluxional nitrogen to deliver three chiral centres for the price of one


Innovative method amplifies chirality and complexity in medicinally relevant cyclic hydrazines

An image showing a picture of a car exhaust

Car’s exhaust fumes could be used to clean up the recovery of metals


Process could make carbon capture cheaper by providing a use for trapped CO2

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An image showing glycans

Can chemists crack our cells’ sugar code?


Rachel Brazil talks to the scientists trying to understand the sweet mystery of the glycome

An image showing rhodamine b added microneedles

Can smart biomaterials deliver?


James Mitchell Crow explores the next generation of therapeutic biomaterials, which aim to interact dynamically with the body and help to control diabetes and heal wounds

An image showing hands placing spices into a pan of curry

The chemistry of a curry


Can chemistry help Nina Notman make a better curry?

An image showing the concept of repurposing scientific theories

Borrowing scientific theories


Can re-purposed science help us understand more than the physical world? Rachel Brazil talks to the scientists trying to play swap

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