Ada McVean

Ada McVean

Digital content assistant, Chemistry World

I started at Chemistry World in February 2023 after moving to the UK in September 2022, just one month after finishing my Masters in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, at McGill University. My degrees are in bio-organic chemistry and gender and social justice studies. My thesis focused on oligonucleotide chemistry, specifically characterizing small nucleic acid-based inhibitors Streptococcus pyogenes Cas9 using click chemistry.

I've been a science writer since 2016 and have worked with the McGill Office for Science and Society, Skeptical Inquirer, SciMoms, Atlas Obscura and now Chemistry World.

My education is in chemistry, but I've never met a type of science I didn't want to know more about. I am particularly interested in veterinary medicine, mechanochemistry and pharmacology, as well as misinformation and myth-busting.

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