Andrew Scott

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    Down on the plastics farm


    Soaring oil prices could see biomass become competitive as a source for chemicals traditionally derived from petroleum. Andrew Scott investigates

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    Rapid rise of a team player


    A passion for science and rugby has shaped Duncan Graham's career. He talks to Andrew Scott about his work and aspirations.

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    Green tea: the great healer


    Green tea promises to cure many of our ills but does it live up to expectations? Andrew Scott looks at the chemistry behind the health claims

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    Medicine gets personalised


    Matching patients to treatments by screening their genetic makeup is the goal of some drugs companies. Andrew Scott explores the political, economic and scientific issues

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    A different perspective on the world


    A grand vision of global cooperation promises to boost the opportunities for chemical analysis from space. Andrew Scott looks at the findings from existing satellites

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    DNA branches into nanotech


    Often viewed as a dream rather than a commercial prospect, DNA as a construction material in nanotechnology may be applied in practice sooner than many expect. Andrew Scott looks at the possibilities.