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    Careers clinic: A legal move


    Switching to a career in the legal profession will require extensive - and expensive - training but a science background can be a useful asset, says Caroline Tolond

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    Profile: Bridging the gap


    Entrepreneurial drive led Christopher Pike to success in the world of intellectual property. Helen Carmichael reports

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    Profile: The perfect process


    Nicola Razzell left a career in banking to work for the pharmaceutical industry and has never looked back, as she tells Helen Carmichael

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    Managing change: Dust down the lab coat


    Missing your lab days? Even after years away, you may be welcomed back to science research with open arms, says Matt Brown

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    The Educated Chemist: Mobile masters


    For bright chemists with a love of travel, a European Masters spectroscopy course may be just the ticket, says Yfke Hager

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    The Educated Chemist: Advanced science


    Students at the University of Liverpool can tailor their advanced science postgraduate programmes to suit their taste and background, says Yfke Hager

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    Careers clinic: Graduate recruitment


    There's no denying that it's a difficult time to get your first job after graduation but stay positive and open-minded and you'll surely be rewarded, says Caroline Tolond

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    Profile: Hair today


    Combining know-how from different businesses helped Procter & Gamble win the 2009 RSC Teamwork in innovation award for the development of hair dye product, Perfect 10

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    Who's who: Agency access


    Recruitment agencies often offer the only route into a job, but you'll need to register with a few and be prepared to listen to what the consultants say, as Sarah Houlton reports

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    Profile: Fabulous food


    Denise Smith heads the food science department at Ohio State University, US. She is thrilled by the large numbers of students switching to food science, as she tells Yfke Hager

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    The insider: Food forensics


    When food is contaminated, teams of chemists are at hand to help track down the molecular culprits, reports Sarah Houlton

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    Company Profile: Diet dedication


    Mead Johnson has developed special products for children with diet-related problems for over 200 years, as Yfke Hager reports

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    Careers clinic: CVs for postdocs


    Academic CVs are always lengthy but it's important to know where to put the detail and what to miss out, says Caroline Tolond

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    The insider: Marketing magic


    Amanda Halford's chemistry training has proved invaluable in her international marketing career, as she tells Sarah Houlton

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    Profile: Science in Sydney


    A PhD with chemical biologist Jack Baldwin launched Peter Rutledge into antibiotics research. His enthusiasm has taken him far, writes Karen Harries-Rees

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    Careers clinic: Transition into teaching


    If you are thinking of moving into teaching, it's worth first examining your motives and work shadowing a teacher, says Caroline Tolond

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    Who's who: The write stuff


    Sick of rotary evaporators and mass spec, but still want to make the most of your scientific training? Science publishing might just be the career for you, says Matt Brown

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    Careers clinic: Great leap forward


    Is it worth doing an MBA to help with the move into management? Caroline Tolond weighs up the pros and cons

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    Profile: Life, but not as we know it


    In Second Life real people live in a virtual world. Joanna Scott has a actual job there, organising scientific events within the online environment, reports Sarah Houlton

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    Managing change: The mother of invention


    Many fear redundancy but it helped David Cole to get his Environmental Innovations business off the ground, reports Helen Carmichael