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When should you declare your feelings for a colleague?


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How to write a PhD thesis


Five tips for communicating your research

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Shirley Meng: 'I think science is as beautiful as art'


The materials science pioneer on her Chinese heritage, experience as a female scientist, and the actual measure of success

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Visionary chemistry is making labs accessible to blind students and researchers


Efforts underway in Texas are ushering in a new era of inclusivity with mouth models, lithophanes, robots, talking tools and more

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Seven musicians who you might not know are chemists


From experimenting in the lab to experimenting with sound

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Big Manny’s viral science content is making chemistry relatable and accessible

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Playing her part in building South Africa’s scientific reputation

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Results of the RSC’s 2023 Pay and Reward survey

Financial and mental wellbeing are linked as many chemists feel the effects of the cost-of-living crisis 

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Irish PhD researchers left disappointed as stipend raise is just half of what was hoped for

Independent review recommended increasing stipends to €25,000 but they rose to just €22,000