Colin Russell

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    Organic origins


    From atoms to molecules: studies in the history of chemistry from the 19th century

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    The first scientific baron


    In the month that marks the 100th anniversary of Lord Kelvin's death, Colin Russell unravels the life of a prodigious talent

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    Avogadro's hypothesis was key to solving many problems facing the chemical sciences in the 1800s. But his idea was initially rejected. Colin Russell reports

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    The first president


    Thomas Graham, the first president of the Chemical Society, deserves more recognition for his work than history has given him. Colin Russell attempts to redress the balance.

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    Nobel prizes and noble gases


    As the 2004 Nobel prizes are announced, Colin Russell examines the life and times of William Ramsay, who discovered the noble gases and won the coveted award in 1904.

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    Furnaces for philosophers


    Colin Russell tells the story of an early industrial chemist Johann Glauber.

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    Ethereal philosopher


    Success was sweet indeed for Victorian chemist A W Williamson. Colin Russell tells his story.

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    One thing leads to another


    At the hands of Ernst Beckmann, two major chemical developments came from isolating some very simple compounds.

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    Enterprise and electrolysis...


    William Nicholson, born 250 years ago this year, founded a new journal and discovered electrolysis. Colin Russell elaborates.

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    Images of chemistry


    Changing opinions of chemistry should give us something to think about for the future, Colin Russell contends.