In the pipeline from Derek Lowe – Page 11

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    Mergers: a cost-benefit analysis


    Do the benefits of pharmaceutical company mergers really outweigh the costs, asks Derek Lowe

  • Opinion

    Science's secret recipe


    Derek Lowe wonders whether the secret recipe for scientific breakthroughs can be taught – and how much indigestion that recipe would cause in the boardroom

  • Opinion

    Learning from pharma failures


    Derek Lowe looks at the recent failure of Pfizer's cholesterol drug, torcetrapib, and asks what it means for the future of pharmaceutical research

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    Global pharma investment


    Derek Lowe looks at the story behind the growing investment by western companies in medicinal chemistry research in China

  • Opinion

    Time to let go


    Derek Lowe wonders how to kill off bad drug candidates before companies invest valuable time and money in them