Achieve low injector carryover of benzyl alcohol

Sample preparation

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In this free application note, discover how to minimise sample contamination by using the Waters Arc HPLC system 

Waters Arc HPLC

Benzyl alcohol is known to give injector carryover in HPLC systems – a contaminant which can result in out-of specification values and, eventually, in-batch failure. In this free application note, read about an experiment in which the same method was used on the Waters Arc HPLC System and a comparable competitive HPLC system - allowing a like-for-like carryover comparison. Download now to discover:

  • How the Arc HPLC System successfully achieved ultra-low injector carryover for benzyl alcohol analysis in atropine injection
  • How injector carryover percentage is reduced 5.3x in the Arc HPLC System when compared with a competitive HPLC system
  • Why the experiment confirms that the Arc HPLC System helps minimize the injector carryover issue for benzyl alcohol