Benchtop NMR for pharmacopeial assays

Researchers in a lab using benchtop NMR

Source: © Nanalysis

Download this free white paper now and discover how benchtop NMR spectrometers can increase accessibility of standardised testing methods in quality control environments

Analytical chemistry makes use of a wide variety of instruments and methods to confirm the presence of target analytes in almost every consumer product sold today.

Cover page of the Nanalysis white paper 'Democratization of nuclear magnetic resonance via benchtop spectrometry'

Of all these techniques, NMR remains the best suited for obtaining structural elucidation information from both well-defined single molecules to complex polymers and other macromolecules. But several markets are underserved with respect to NMR spectroscopy. This is primarily due to concerns relating to accessibility, affordability and automatability. Since 2010, benchtop NMR technology has been increasing in popularity and has provided access to this valuable technique to many such markets.

This free white paper, provided by Nanalysis, highlights studies that demonstrate the power of this technology within pharmaceutical quality control spaces, and describes the use of benchtop NMR spectrometers in performing assays from published monograph methods found within the United States Pharmacopeia and the European Pharmacopeia.

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  • A better understanding of benchtop NMR technology
  • An explanation of some key reasons why traditional NMR hasn’t been incorporated into industry as easily as other techniques
  • Specific examples of benchtop NMR instruments being used to perform monograph assays
  • An outlook towards the future of this technology as it pertains to quality control assays in the pharmaceutical industry