Chlor-alkali process efficiency: A balancing act

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Source: © Nafion

This white paper distills the complicated art of chlor-alkali membrane selection—and subsequent system optimization—into key best practices and considerations to help manufacturers balance their membrane needs and make the right choice for their one-of-a-kind operation

Over time, the chlor-alkali process has evolved to favor membrane technology due to economic and environmental considerations.

Chlor-alkali environments don’t fit into the same mold and one-size-fits-all chlor-alkali membranes don’t exist, but what remains consistent across all facilities is the need for consistent performance and energy savings. Partnering with membrane suppliers will help you choose the right membrane for your needs and give you the tools to optimize its performance over time.

Membrane chlor-alkali technology offers unparalleled energy efficiency and superior voltage performance; but without the proper operating environment, performance is not guaranteed.

Learn the importance of why early and frequent collaboration with membrane suppliers and electrolyzer suppliers is critical to success.

Selection of the proper membrane may contribute to:

  • Fewer process interruptions and downtime
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Consistent production
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Enhanced voltage performance
  • Higher mechanical durability
  • Stronger impurity resistance