Infographic: Maximise your lab productivity in real-time

Waters connect system monitoring, showing a dashboard on a laptop

Source: © Waters corporation

Discover how to save time and money by maximising your lab productivity anytime, from anywhere.


Manually tracking the status and usage of your systems in busy, fast paced laboratories is a significant burden on lab resources. This infographic from Waters demonstrates the power of the Waters connect system monitoring application to provide real-time, contextual details for all Empower software-controlled chromatography systems.

Download this free resource from Waters and discover how coordinating laboratory work and responding dynamically to changing priorities has never been easier.

  • Monitor all Empower software-controlled chromatography systems remotely, at any time, from anywhere
  • Utilise real-time data to enable more advanced management of laboratory assets
  • Dynamically plan laboratory activities - monitor the status of your laboratory in real-time; see which systems are running, which are available to use, reserve systems for multiple purposes (regular sample runs, calibration, maintenance, etc.)
  • Maximise lab productivity – Gain a complete view of laboratory asset inventory and track historical asset productivity with customisable asset utilisation data
  • Troubleshoot and respond to errors faster, increasing uptime for your systems