RADIAN ASAP: Additive screening in lubricant oils

Lubricant oil pouring from a bottle

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Download this free application note to discover how the RADIAN ASAP system can be a valuable tool for monitoring the components of lubricant oil

Waters RADIAN ASAP Direct Mass Detector

The analysis and monitoring of lubricant oil formulations plays an important role in lubricant oil manufacturing and in understanding the performance of lubricant oils over time. In this application note, the RADIAN ASAP System was used for the rapid analysis of lubricant oil, with minimal sample preparation and the deployment of a thermal gradient to help deconvolute the complex sample. This quick and simple technique could be deployed by analytical scientists or lubricant technicians to facilitate fast decision making. Download now to discover more of the benefits of the system, including:

  • Quick and simple to use, with an easy ‘dip and analyse’ approach
  • Limited sample preparation required
  • Temperature ramping functionality enables thermal deconvolution of complex samples
  • Data available within minutes to enable accelerated business decisions
  • Small instrument footprint, without the need for a separation system, maximizes the deployment of laboratory real estate