Sizing of temperature control units for reactor applications

Huber Unistat 515 system

Source: © Huber

When it comes to process chemistry, the right temperature is a crucial factor. In this whitepaper, we look at how the Unistat range of temperature control systems can impact the performance and quality in process chemical engineering.

Huber - Sizing of temperature control units for reactor applications - white paper cover

Precise temperature control has a significant influence on performance and quality in chemical process engineering. Therefore, chemical processes need an appropriate and reliable heating/cooling system. In this free white paper from Huber, Daniel Huber, Kenneth Mackenzie and Patrick Delaney explore the demands of different systems and show how Huber determine the best Unistat temperature control system for your chemical process.

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  • the significance of precise temperature control within chemical process engineering
  • how the application is as important as the reaction media to deliver your process
  • the compromising nature of high pressure and why it has a detrimental effect on process performance