Lisa Melton

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    How to kill your RNA


    Switching off problematic genes with RNA interference promises treatments for a huge range of disease - if investigators can get it to where it's needed. Lisa Melton reports

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    Courtroom chemistry


    When analysing the smallest traces of evidence at a crime scene, chemistry is key. Lisa Melton finds out how chemists can play their part in the justice system

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    There's more to quitting than nicotine


    As England joins the growing list of nations to ban smoking in enclosed public places, Lisa Melton explores the medicinal arsenal that could help to kick the habit

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    Chinese medicine in western packaging


    The past decade has seen a global awakening to the truly curative powers of many ancient medicines, from black bear bile to the Asian plant Epimedium. Lisa Melton delves deeper

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    Nicotine rehab


    Nicotine has amazing powers as an anti-inflammatory. Now researchers are hunting for a nicotine surrogate that bypasses its nasty side effects, as Lisa Melton finds out

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    Cracking the cancer code


    The chemical groups that decorate histones are revolutionising cancer therapy at an epigenetic level. Lisa Melton finds out there is more to genetics than genes.

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    Oestrogen on the brain


    Lisa Melton looks at work to extend the beneficial effects of the female hormone oestrogen to men as well as women