This Saturday, 10 December, Jean-Pierre Sauvage, Fraser Stoddart and Ben Feringa will receive the 2016 Nobel prize in chemistry at the award ceremony in Stockholm, Sweden.

Tune in for their Nobel lecture at 10am GMT on Thursday 8 December 

You can read our full story on the prizewinners in our feature, Supraheroes, and more about work on molecular machines.

The ceremony and lecture are part of ‘Nobel week’ in Stockholm, where the new laureates attend events, press conferences and are generally celebrated at embassy receptions and the like.

Stoddart has recently joined Twitter and has been tweeting some of his experiences:

And so have some of his guests

One of the odder traditions of Nobel week is signing a chair at the Nobel museum

Although not on Twitter, Feringa and Sauvage have also been joining in the fun

And I’m sure many PhD students can empathise with this one…