New partnership will further develop the use of carbon capture technology on industrial scale

Carbon Clean Solutions (CCSL) is to roll out its carbon capture and usage technology across a number of industrial processes, following the announcement of a new partnership agreement with Veolia Environnement.

CCSL launched its first fully commercial project at a coal-fired power station in Tamil Nadu, India, in October 2016. The company claims that its technology reduces the plant’s CO2 emissions to zero, at a cost of just $30 per tonne. CO2 ­captured at the plant is then converted into soda ash, a compound commonly used in the manufacture of glass, soaps and detergents.

Environmental services firm Veolia places a strong focus on sustainability and waste reduction, and claims that the new partnership will ‘enhance the prospects for the circular economy around carbon capture’. This sentiment was echoed by CCSL’s chief executive Aniruddha Sharma, who said: ‘The partnership with Veolia will further boost our mission to help companies lower their carbon footprint in a cost-effective and sustainable manner.’