Denise Brooks allegedly stole information about company’s manufacturing and quality systems

GlaxoSmithKline has obtained a temporary restraining order against former Rockville, US, employee Denise Brooks, whom the company accuses of stealing confidential information before her resignation on 13 January.

The company says Brooks arranged to swap her company laptop for a new one, while separately tendering her immediate resignation. This allowed her to collect the new laptop, with access to confidential files and emails, while returning her remaining company property. GSK also alleges Brooks emailed confidential material to a personal address and downloaded documents to multiple external storage devices.

The injunction, granted by the district court of Maryland, aims to prevent Brooks from accessing, using, disclosing or deleting the stolen information, and to return all GSK property to the company.

GSK’s other recent long-running trade secrets case ended with defendants Yu Xue and Lucy Xi admitting their guilt (and Xue being imprisoned for 8 months), but a judge ruled that the company had not suffered financial harm, and did not award any compensation.