ColorDry process uses supercritical CO2 to reduce waste and cut costs


The process is faster and more energy efficient than traditional dyeing, and eliminates wastewater cleanup problems

Sports equipment giant Nike has opened a new fabric dyeing plant in Taiwan that uses a water-free dyeing method. The ColorDry process uses supercritical carbon dioxide to apply dyes to polyester fabrics, rather than the 100-150 litres of water per kilogram of textiles that current dyeing technologies require. 95% of this CO2 can then be recycled.

Nike acquired rights to the process from Dutch start-up DyeCoo Textile Systems, and the works is operated by contract manufacturer Far Eastern New Century (FENC). ‘Compared to traditional dyeing methods, the ColorDry process reduces dyeing time by 40%, energy use by around 60% and the required factory footprint by a quarter. It’s also the most saturated, intense and consistent colour we’ve seen,’ said FENC’s Kuenlin Ho in a statement.