Experts share their insight on polymer analysis

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A wealth of free resources on precision polymer analysis

Working with Waters Corporation, Chemistry World has compiled a comprehensive package of white papers, product guides, technology briefs, application notes and case studies to help you solve your polymer analysis problems.

Delve deep into the structure–property and processing relationships of complex polymers with insight from two US academic institutions, Rowan University and Virginia Tech. Or follow Waters’ senior scientist Chris Stumpf on a journey beyond Paul Anastas and John Warner’s pioneering twelve principles of green chemistry.

Find out how scientists at Waters are achieving high resolution analysis of low molecular weight polymers at high speed, and how the Acquity advanced polymer chromatography (APC) system allows unprecedented speed in solvent switching.

Other free resources allow you to investigate further how to combine APC with light scattering and viscometry – with a case study of Waters collaboration with Malvern Panalytical on polymer degradation – how to eliminate the need for multiple columns and different solvents, and much more.

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