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Thanks Katrina for this great article. Discovery & invention by Frances Arnold (inventing directed enzyme evolution) and George Smith & Gregory Winter (discovering how to get bacteria to make proteins to order) will help to save lives of millions of living beings, will help to fight with pollutants & will revolutionise the Pharmaceutical Industry in the 21st Century, the 'Century Of Anthropogenic Climate Change'. Increasing temperature of Earth coz of 'Climate Change' & 'Global Warming' will provide favourable temperature for 'Vector Born Diseases' but these discoveries will save lives. Really, they did outstanding work. My Salute &
Congratulations to Trios.
Prabhat Misra
Deputy Director, National Savings,
District- Firozabad (Uttar Pradesh Province, India) /
Founder of 'Red Tape Movement'
Twitter: @PrabhatMisra

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