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    July 2011


    Chemistry World Podcast -July 20111:03 - Electron remains stubbornly spherical4:15 - Chemical 'Scotch Tape' separates carbon nanotubes7:42 - Robert Mulvaney is in the British Antarctic Survey cold room talking about what the chemistry of ice can tell us about the atmosphere of the past14:50 - Coin isotopes unravel ancient inflation ...

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    June 2011


    Chemistry World Podcast - June 20111:20 - Fish in chips: growing embryos in microfluidic systems3:20 - DNA origami yields tiny flask5:42 - How similar are generic biological drugs to their patented counterparts, and how does that affect how they work? Pauline Rudd explains13:20 - Nanodiamond aerogel hammered out on anvil15:39 ...

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    May 2011


    Chemistry World Podcast -May 20111:16 - Battery turns entropy into electricity3:35 - Antibacterial clays kill with iron5:54 - Yi-Fang Chu from Kraft Foods explains the potential health benefits and pitfalls drinking coffee13:06 - Origin of life experiments revisited15:53 - Cleaning up nuclear storage ponds19:16 - Katherine Holt from University College ...

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    April 2011


    Chemistry World Podcast - April 20111:13 -Molecules that walk, hop and jump4:44 -Diagnosing diseases with CDs7:00 -James Landers tells us how to streamline forensic DNA profiling with microfluidics14:30 -Sensitive TB diagnosis using sugar17:05 -Harvesting energy from soft drinks19:25 -Zhong Lin Wang on picking up good vibrations to harvest energy from ...

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    March 2011


    Chemistry World Podcast - March 20111.22: Cells as test tubes3.29: Electrons charge down DNA molecular wire5.58: Kenneth Dawson on the challenges and success stories of nanotechnology12.33: Pig power for batteries14.35: BSE pathogens passed on by air 16.38: Joe Thornton on resurrecting ancient proteins to understand how they have evolved to ...

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    February 2011


    Chemistry World Podcast - February 20111:22 -Einstein in your engine3:20 -Silk woven into transistors5:30 -Joseph Jasinski from IBM on harnessing the power of your desktop PC to solve big scientific problems13:08 -Using HIV against itself16:39 -Microfluidic pinball 19:50 -Joe Jones from Skyonic on turning CO2 from power plants into baking ...

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    January 2011


    Chemistry World Podcast - January 201100:12- Introduction 01:15- No stone left unturned in oil hunt 03:45- Mystery of diamond polishing solved? 06:50- Jack Lifton on the importance of rare earth elements and why we need ...

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    December 2010


    Chemistry World Podcast - December 201000:12- Introduction01:26- Using host-guest chemistry as molecular velcro04:45- Nanotubes defuse explosives08:09- University of Bayreuth's Thomas Scheibel untangles the web of research on artificially reproducing the properties of spiders silk ...

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    November 2010


    Chemistry World Podcast -November 201000:12- Introduction01:20- Non-stick chewing gum hits the market 03:33- Graphene scoops the physics Nobel 07:18- University of Bristol's Richard Evershed explains how isotope ratios in bone collagen can give away the diet habits of ancient populations ...

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    October 2010


    Chemistry World Podcast -October 201000:12- Introduction01:20 - Cement chemistry partly to blame in BP oil spill 04:33 - In full flight: making cruise emissions count 06:55 - Universityof Essex's Chris Cooper gives us an overview of the current research into artificial blood 14:38 - Oyster glue's secret ingredient 17:38 - ...

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    September 2010


    Chemistry World Podcast -September 201000:12- Introduction01:15- Recycling CO2 to make plastic 03:15- Snapshots of mystery molecules 06:10- Allison Carey from Yale University, US, on how mosquitoes sniff out meals and the chemicals we might use to stop getting bitten ...

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    August 2010


    Chemistry World Podcast - August 201000:12- Introduction01:31- First graphene touch screen 03:10- Microspheres help restore eyesight 06:08- Miles Congreve from Heptares Therapeutics talks about targeting G-protein-coupled receptors to develop new therapeutics ...

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    July 2010


    Chemistry World Podcast - July 201000:12- Introduction01:29- Vodka's molecular cocktail 05:04- Antibacterial silver nanoparticles grown in bacteria 08:03- Todd Sacktor from SUNY Downstate Medical Center, New York, US, explains how memories can be wiped clean away ...

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    June 2010


    Chemistry World Podcast - June 201000:12- Introduction 01:23- Chemical secrets of dinobird revealed 04:35- Frosty asteroid surprises astronomers 07:45- Mohan Srinivasarao, Georgia Intitute of Technology, US, on why butterfly wings appear coloured ...

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    May 2010


    Chemistry World Podcast - May 2010 00:12- Introduction01:14- Mars meteorite gets a boost of youth 03:38- Going for silver - green plastic production 06:40- Hunter Waite and Tim Griffin chat about using mass spectrometry in space and up volcanoes ...

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    April 2010


    Chemistry World Podcast - April 2010 00:12 - Introduction 01:15 - Striking algal oil 03:56 - Cause of thalidomide deformities uncovered 06:54 - Nadarajah Narendran of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York talks about white LED lighting for the home 14:18 - Silver sputtered nano chips mimic brain synapse ...

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    March 2010


    Chemistry World Podcast - March 2010 00:12 - Introduction 01:47 - Male fertility exam at home 04:07 - Cancer risk from 'third-hand smoke' 07:20 - Mark Korsmit from paint company AkzoNobel discusses paint used on McLaren Mercedes 2010 Formula 1 car 14:00 - How spider silk soaks up water 16:30 ...

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    February 2010


    Chemistry World Podcast - February 201000:12- Introduction01:58-- Molecular walker takes a stroll 05:18-- Why ancient Egyptians put lead in their eye make-up07:30-- Mike Edwards explains what's bugging the bees 14:20 -- A copper catalyst to grab CO2 from the air 17:00-- A two-faced catalyst to turn ...

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    January 2010


    Chemistry World Podcast - January 201000.11 - Introduction02.08 - Non-protein antifreeze helps Arctic beetle chill out 04.22 - Mussel proteins inspire new diabetes treatment 06.53 - Ben Feringa on the future of molecular machines 14.15 - Carbonic acid captured16.36 - Breaking the strongest bonds 19.18 - Marco Leona on analytical ...

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    December 2009


    Chemistry World Podcast - December 200900.11 - Introduction01.52 - Nanoscience brings artworks back to life04.30 - Monitoring asthma with mobile phones07.00 - Mike Barlow on spectroscopy opening windows on the universe14.03 - Acid solution for nanotube fibres16.09 - New evidence for toxic effects of inhaled nanotubes19.02 - Sigurd Hofmann on ...