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  • Phil Baran

    Chemistry World podcast - May 2014


    We speak to the ‘sultan of synthesis’, Phil Baran, and Peter James explains how labs can save cash on energy bills

  • Painting of a women by Renoir

    Chemistry World podcast - April 2014


    Why are researchers boycotting a conference? How can Raman spectroscopy reveal the true colours of paintings? And how can shrimp shells help clean the ocean?

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    February 2013


  • Podcast

    January 2013


    January Chemistry World Podcast - January 2013 1:05- The anti-ageing properties of olive oil can even be extended to buildings 4:00- Potatoes have been bred with lower levels of acrylamides 7:25- David MacMillan tells us how Princeton's new chemistry building is catalyzing new interactions and discoveries 15:40- DNA ...

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    December 2012


    December Chemistry World Podcast - December 2012 1:15- The latest findings from the Mars Curiosity Rover's chemistry instruments 4:20- The mechanism behind argyria - 'blue man syndrome' - has been discovered 7:28- Tamara Galloway discusses bis-phenol A 13:38- Making sure 'good bacteria' can get to where it will ...

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    November 2012


    November Chemistry World Podcast - November 2012 1:25- How many molecules are in the smallest possible ice-cube? 4:18- Buildings that sweat may be able to cool themselves without air-conditioning 7:25- 2012 chemistry Nobel laureate Robert Lefkowtiz tells us about the G-protein-coupled receptor 15:38- Water-soluble silicon circuits could be ...

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    October 2012


    OctoberChemistry World Podcast - October 20121:05- How on earth can crab shells help beat smelly shoes?3:50- A serendipitous discovery has solved the paradox behind where methane in the world's oceans comes from6:38- Amanda Wright tells us about nutraceuticals - food with benefits beyond nutrition12:12- Replacing cocoa butter with fruit juice ...

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    September 2012


    SeptemberChemistry World Podcast - September 20121:08- Will the Curiosity rover be able to find life on Mars?4:34- Fluorine - the most reactive element - has been found in nature7:38- Ruth Mcnerney discusses the challenges in detecting and treating tuberculosis15:36- Can a skin cream deliver insulin and replace daily injections?18:08- Magnetic ...

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    August 2012


    AugustChemistry World Podcast - August 20121:10 - Anti-social amino acids and the disease phenylketonuria3:38 - Several papers claiming to break the 'oxo wall' have been retracted7:34 - Andrew Harrison tells us about the neutron diffraction and spectroscopy experiments carried out at the ILL14:54 - Recent Open Access policy changes from ...

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    July 2012


    JulyChemistry World Podcast - July 20121:00 - How does your buckyball grow?7:47 - Performance nutritionist Mayur Ranchordas tells us what Olympic athletes should be eating and drinking16:50 - Which energy-saving light bulb is best for sensitive skin?19:15 - Computations on cuprous fluoride will re-write inorganic textbooks23:11 - ...

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    June 2012


    JuneChemistry World Podcast - June 20120:54- Binning is best choice for drug disposal5:30- Silicene seen for the first time8:05- Henry Snaith on developing dyes to harness solar energy15:31- Size and shape change Suzuki rates19:28- Celebratory science with champagne expert Gerard Liger-Belair26:37- Just hit Ctrl + P for custom glassware30:08- Enhancing ...

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    May 2012


    Chemistry World podcast - May 2012 1:08- A temporary tattoo measures athletic performance3:46- A graphene tooth tattoo detects bacteria6:42- Graham Turnbull is sensing explosives with his electronic nose13:49- Solving the source of static ...

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    April 2012


    Chemistry World podcast - April 2012 0:53- A thermometer that can measure temperatures within a cell 2:55- In space, tiny diamonds are made from carbon onions 6:27- Michael Hamblin sheds light on photodynamic therapy 13:23- Usurping the functional group hierarchy 16:31- Could arsenic DNA really exist? 19:51- Volker Hessel ...

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    March 2012


    Chemistry World podcast - March 2012 0:37- Calculations find a quadruple carbon-carbon bond4:18- Graphene sheets are made irridescent and superhydrophobic7:10- Paul Kelly discusses an accidental discovery that led to a novel fingerprinting method14:20- Cooperative chemistry gives rotaxanes with multiple rings in surprisingly high yield ...

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    February 2012


    Chemistry World podcast - February 20121.07 - Determining the age of bloodstains using fluorescence 3.51 - Magnetic nanoparticles to remove cadmium from blood 6.07 - Paul Bertsch discusses using worms to investigate the effects of silver nanoparticles in the environment12.12 - Controlling termite populations with nanoparticle technology15.04 - Listening to ...

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    January 2012


    Chemistry World podcast - January 2012 1:05- Caffeine content of high-street espressos5:08- A zombie reaction rises from the dead7:53- Antony Williams discusses collating chemical data and the ChemSpider database14:57- Crab shell used to create a transparent plastic17:40- A homonuclear diatomic molecule with a permanent dipole21:53- US Army research chemist Jesse ...

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    November 2011


    Chemistry World Podcast - November 201101:22- World's longest carbon-carbon bond created04:20- Pitcher plant inspires ultimate non-stick surface07:54- NASA's John Grotzinger discusses the difficulties of getting the Curiosity rover to Mars with its massive payload of analytical instruments, and what it will do when it gets there15:55- Conjuring up gram quantities ...

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    October 2011


    Chemistry World Podcast -October 2011 1:05 -Microscopy reveals why ketchup squirts 5:07- Toyota create first magnesium-sulfur rechargeable battery 7:20-Paul Shearing explains why you might want to swap your home boiler for a fuel cell 14:30-Two for one - cleaning water and generating energy 17:52-Bacteria responsible for missing 'atmospheric brooms' that ...

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    September 2011


    Chemistry World Podcast - September 20111:05 -Tequila for your fuel tank3:02-Possible origin of chirality in the RNA world6:47-Neil Fox explains why diamond is a chemist's best friend for generating electrical power from sunlight because of its unique properties12:57-Spotlight on polymerisation to repair damaged faces16:15-Nanorobots powered from beneath the skin18:28-Alan Clarke ...

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    August 2011


    Chemistry World Podcast -August 20111:33 - Rollerball writes electronics straight to paper 3:30- Dinosaur smile reveals secret to staying cool 6:05- Julie Forman-Kay reveals that disordered, unfolded proteins are much more functional and much more common than previously thought 13:00- Cells turned into living lasers with fluorescent protein 15:27- A ...