Chris Pink

Chris Pink

Digital content producer, Chemistry World

People often ask me What is it exactly that a digital content producer does? In this confusing world where it sometimes seems like all the digital disciplines are morphing into one, that's an understandable question.

In short, it's anything that Chemistry World magazine requires for the website – with an emphasis on video, podcasts and various types of animation. It involves technical stuff and it involves thinking up ideas and working to a brief. 

Before I joined the magazine, I was self-employed as a video producer, and before that I was a freelance copywriter, so a full-time position working with all types of media seemed like a natural progression for me. 

There is no average day for me and that is something I enjoy. One day I could be helping out with social media and doing some tasks to keep the website running smoothly. The next I might be out on a video shoot or sat at my desk, delving into the source code of some 3D animation. 

Whatever tasks I have on in any given week, I usually do quite a bit of editing video. Far from being just me sat at my desk in some quiet room, I'm surrounded by colleagues who are reporting daily on stories at the cutting edge of science. Our Features often have a video aspect, too, so I spend a fair amount of time working with our Features Editor and the Digital Editor, to ensure that we're hitting the right marks when it comes to both tone-of-voice and the content we put out.