This is the most unique scientific book I have ever read

Turning points in solid-state, materials and surface science: A book in celebration of the life and work of Sir John Meurig Thomas 

K D M Harris and P P Edwards (eds) 

Cambridge, UK: RSC Publishing 2007 | 910pp | ?99.95 (HB) ISBN 9780854041145 

Reviewed by J S J Hargreaves

This is the most unique scientific book I have ever read. It was produced in celebration of the achievements of Professor Sir John Meurig Thomas on the occasion of his 75th birthday last December. 

It functions on a number of very different levels, combining personal tributes to Sir John from co-workers past and present with a large number of very detailed scientific contributions. For example, it is possible to learn that Sir John was the schoolboy walking race champion of Wales and also to read about the mysteries of water in catalyst preparation. 

The scientific chapters in the book have been grouped into four sections reflecting Sir John’s interests: inorganic solid state chemistry (nanoporous solids, complex oxides, zeolites, minerals and non-stoichiometry, computation and modelling); organic solid state chemistry; solid catalysts, surface and materials science; and electron microscopy and its contribution to chemistry and material science. 

All chapters are to a high standard and the enormous range of topics covered provide a wealth of information for anyone interested in the general area of materials/solid state/catalytic chemistry. Personally, I will be dipping into it for years to come.