Reviewed by Raimund Pohl, Platypus Water Consultant

There have been new additions in ChemBioOffice Ultra 2010. The templates toolbar for BioDraw include chromosomes, major anatomical drawings such as the heart, brain, schematic kidney, chromosomes and DNA. There is also a template of laboratory animals and a series of bio instruments that include Bunsen burners, microscopes, pipettes, plates etc. 



Wire mesh surfaces can be produced in ChemBioOffice Ultra 2010

Users can also add personalised templates into the application. The chemical templates are extensive, and like the biological templates, they are easy to incorporate into the document of your choice. 

In ChemBio3D, there are numerous options for surfaces - from wire mesh to space filling molecules. Also, in the latest version it is possible to sequence disulfide bonds.  

The conformational analysis in ChemBio3D makes it is easy to generate molecular mechanics (MM2) energy plots. The structure browser makes navigation a snap, allowing users to navigate easily between molecules. If the user needs to model energy minimisation and dynamics, they can obtain these directly from the structure browser. 

Clustering is also new to ChemBioFinder and allows for the investigation of similarities based on structure and/or properties of a given compound. This is a very useful tool in ChemBioOffice. 

This particular suite of applications really does meet the needs of chemists and biologists and provides an extremely useful method of determining structures and properties of compounds. Drawings are easily transferred to documents necessary for publication. The 3D application is an excellent application and provides good visualisation of a given compound. 

ChemBioOffice Ultra is highly recommended for use by all chemists and biologists, although it would be more appropriate if some of the applications could run on Macintosh platforms as well as Windows based systems. Nonetheless it is a product that CambridgeSoft should be proud of. 

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