Academy Savant

Academy Savant 

Reviewed by Michael Dong, Synomics Pharma, US

Academy Savant (Fullerton, California, US) has recently released four new computer-based training programmes (CBT): HPLC fundamentalsIntroduction to pumps and eluent gradientsIntroduction to HPLC columns; and Introduction to HPLC detectors, data and method development

These programmes are authored by two experienced HPLC practitioners: John Dolan, who has written LCGCmagazine’s column on HPLC troubleshooting for the past two decades, and Dennis Saunders, the mastermind behind the previous versions of Savant’s HPLC training programmes. 

The basic fundamentals of HPLC, such as terminology, columns, equipment and mobile phases, are described in a straightforward manner. They reinforce the understanding of these concepts through well-designed simulation programmes (eg efficiency and resolution calculations) where the user can enter a particular value and watch its effect on the chromatogram.  

The new programmes maintain the best features of the earlier versions, such as their excellent illustration of chromatographic concepts through graphical animations, simulations and quizzes for assessment. In addition to updated content, each programme shares a modernised interface using Macromedia’s Flash Player and has new elements of narration, an extensive glossary of terms and a modern bibliography. The customisation feature permits expansion of the basic content by the program administrator through the addition of HTML pages to make them more specific to an organisation’s particular needs. 

Each programme lasts about an hour and is available in web-delivered (WBT) format as well as traditional CD or network versions. Savant’s licensing arrangements range from a short term perusal basis to long-term subscription or permanent licences.  

In my view, CBT remains the most cost-effective way to train new analysts on the fundamentals and intricacies of HPLC, and is particularly important for those performing regulated testing whose training and proficiency must be documented. 

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