Academy Savant

Academy Savant

Reviewed by Bruce Walden
Pace Analytical Services, US


Academy Savant’s HPLC Troubleshooting Expert System   is the second module in a suite of e-learning programs, the companion to Introduction to HPLC Troubleshooting

Pace Analytical has laboratories across the US that provide a range of analytical chemistry and microbiology services. We needed a system that allows concurrent access by multiple high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) professionals in our laboratory operations division, which supplies trained staffing and instrumentation services - including maintenance, troubleshooting and qualification - to support industrial clients in their in-house laboratories. 

The  Expert System uses a decision tree based process to lead the user from the symptoms of the problem to the probable cause, and finally recommends what corrective action to take.  

In the integrated package  HPLC Troubleshooting - Introduction and Expert System, there are links from the Expert System back to the teaching program which help learning and comprehension. 

The program was installed on the Pace Learning Management System (a web-based intranet), which gives Pace complete control over its management and application. According to Savant, a shareable content object reference model-conformant version of the program is available, as are single-computer and online versions. 

Among the features that have proved to be valuable to Pace are the interactive and self-paced nature of e-learning. The fact that the content is continuously available on demand helps increase the general and practical knowledge of HPLC throughout the company. We expect our scientists to be able to better locate problems, understand the underlying causes and correct them, and thereby lower repair costs and down time. 

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