In brief

Molecular quantum mechanics

Peter Atkins and Ronald Friedman 

Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press  2010 | 560pp | ?39.99 (SB) 

ISBN 9780199541423 

This is the fifth edition of a standard work on quantum mechanics, from its foundations, through quantum models of atomic and molecular electronic structure, and on to discussions of spectroscopy, the electric and magnetic properties of molecules, and the events that take place when molecules react during collisions. 

C-H activation 

J-Q Yu and Z Shi (eds) 

Heidelberg, Germany: Springer 2010 | 380pp | ?206.50 (HB) 

ISBN 9783642123559  

This volume, dedicated to the memory of Keith Fagnou of the University of Ottawa, Canada, gives an overiew of the cutting edge of contemporary C-H activation reactions. These reactions have become an increasingly important in the chemist’s armoury - for example by greatly streamlining possible sythetic routes to natural products. 

High-temperature liquid chromatography 

Thorsten Teutenberg 

Cambridge, UK: RSC Publishing  2010 | 220pp | ?121.99 (HB) 

ISBN 9781849730136 

Increased temperatures can speed up chromatographic separation processes, influence the selectivity of a separation and allow use of novel detection techniques. Better heating systems to generate faster heating rates and columns based on silica gel which can withstand higher temperatures are leading to increased interest in this technique.  

Polymer science and technology for engineers and scientists 

Richard Pethrick 

Dunbeath, UK: Whittles Publishing 2010 | 400pp | ?40.00 (SB) 

ISBN 9781904445401 

This book gives a thorough introduction to polymer science covering a wide range of techniques for the fabrication of articles from thermoplastic and thermoset resins.