Short items

An introduction to HPLC for pharmaceutical analysis

Oona McPolin 

Warrenpoint, UK: Mourne Training Services 

2009 | 148pp | ?29.27 (SB) 

ISBN 9780956152800 

A brief well-written guide and resource to assist the analyst in the use of HPLC in a pharmaceutical analysis environment. 

Validation of analytical methods for pharmaceutical analysis 

Oona McPolin 

Warrenpoint, UK: Mourne Training Services 2009 | 152pp | ?29.90 (SB) 

ISBN 9780956152817  

A nicely written handbook on how to perform validation of methods used in pharmaceutical analysis. 

Stilbenes. Applications in chemistry, life sciences and materials science 

Gertz Likhtenshtein 

Weinheim, Germany, Wiley-VCH  2010 | 348pp | ?120.00 (HB) 

ISBN 97835273238883 

This book covers several aspects of stilbenes - their chemical reactions, photochemistry and applications in industry and biomedicine. 

Reinforcement of polymer nanocomposites. Theory, experiments and applications 

T A Vilgis, G Heinrich and M Kluppel 

Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press 2009 | 209pp | ?75.00 (HB) 

ISBN 9780521874809 

This book provides in-depth coverage of the physics behind elastomer reinforcement, with a particular focus on the modification of polymer properties using active fillers such as carbon black and silica. 

Pharmaceutics - drug delivery and targeting 

Yvonne Perrie and Thomas Rades 

London, UK: Pharmaceutical Press 2010 | 230pp | ?16.95 (SB) 

ISBN 9780853697626 

This book in the FASTtrack student revision series reviews important concepts relating to the delivery and targeting of drugs, including immediate, delayed, sustained, controlled and targeted release.