Short items

An introduction to medicinal chemistry

Graham Patrick 

Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press 2009 | 776pp | ?29.99 (SB) 

ISBN 9780199234479 

This book, now in its fourth edition, provides a one-volume textbook for the variety of medicinal chemistry courses now being offered. It starts from first principles of drug action, to drug design and development and specific drugs, such as HIV inhibitors and painkillers. The text is supported by topical case studies and an online resource centre. 

Molecular biology and biotechnology 

John M Walker and Ralph Rapley (eds) 

Cambridge, UK: RSC Publishing 2009 | 624pp | ?49.95 (HB) 

ISBN 9780854041251 

This book has been revised and updated in this new third edition to reflect the latest developments in this rapidly expanding area. Chapters on the impact of molecular biology in the development of biotechnology have been updated and include the applications of molecular biology in the areas of drug design and diseases. There are also new chapters in developing areas such as genome technology, nanobiotechnology, regenerative medicine and biofuels. An ideal undergraduate text of interest to students of biology and chemistry, as well as to postgraduates. 

Chemistry in quantitative language 

Christopher Oriakhi 

Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press 2009 | 490pp | ?37.99 (HB) 

ISBN 9780195367997 

This book provides students with innovative, intuitive and systematic strategies to master problem-solving in chemistry. Though not a replacement for a standard textbook, this book serves as a valuable guide to solving chemical equations and calculations based on chemical equations. The wide variety of areas covered includes: formulae, equations, gas laws, solution chemistry, kinetics, equilibria, thermochemistry, thermodynamics and nuclear reactions.