Short items

Developments and applications in solubility 

T M Letcher (ed) 

Cambridge, UK: RSC Publishing 2007 | 414pp | ?109.95 (HB) ISBN 9780854043729 

This book covers the theory of solubility, modelling and simulation, industrial applications, including solubility phenomena in ’green’ quaternary mixtures involving ionic liquids. 

Molecular physical chemistry for engineers 

John T Yater and J Karl Johnson 

Sausalito, US: University Science Books 2007 | 482pp | ?41.99 (HB) ISBN 9781891389276 

The book provides engineers and materials scientists with an introduction to physical concepts at a molecular level as applied to ’hard’ materials, like alloys and nanocomposites, and the new ’soft’ materials used, for example, in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Polymer structure characterization from nano to macro organization 

Richard A Penthrick 

Cambridge, UK: RSC Publishing 2007 | 334pp | ?44.99 (HB) ISBN 9780854044665 

Penthrick covers the ways in which molecular interactions influence observed morphologies, organic crystals, liquid crystals, plastic crystals, polymer surfaces and amorphous glassy materials. 

Protein condensation: kinetic pathways to crystallization and disease 

J D Gunton, A Shiryayev and D L Pagan 

Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press 2007 | 364pp | ?70.00 (HB) ISBN 9780521851213 

The authors discuss how to grow high quality protein crystals from aqueous solution of protein molecules - important for x-ray crystallography and for many areas of biomedical research. The book also discusses diseases that occur due to undesired protein condensation, such as sickle cell anaemia and Alzheimer’s disease.