Reviewed by Malcolm D’Souza
Wesley College, US

Bio-Rad offers several KnowItAll solutions groups that combine appropriate sets of software tools based on the needs of specific user groups. Within each group, the tools are logically integrated in a single interface, so the user can easily transfer information between applications without opening another program. For example, you can draw a structure, send it to a module for NMR prediction, and then add it to a user database. 

There are three main groups. Firstly, in silico ADME/Tox solutions to assess a potential drug’s ADME/Tox profile with over 30 predictive models and tools for model building and validatation.

Secondly, spectroscopy solutions for spectral data management, processing, analysis, and over 885 000 high-quality MS, NMR, IR, and Raman spectra.

Thirdly, cheminformatics solutions to draw, modify, store, search, name, and retrieve chemical structures.

The new MedChem Edition offers a combination of all the tools and can be used to optimise lead compounds and manage/analyse spectral data.

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