The nanotech pioneers: where are they taking us?

The nanotech pioneers: where are they taking us? 

Steven Edwards   

Weinheim, Germany: Wiley-VCH | 2006 | 254 pp | ?17.99 | ISBN 3527312900    

Reviewed by Karl Coleman 

The nanotech pioneers provides a whirlwind tour of the current state of nanotechnology, a rapidly developing area impacting on chemistry, physics, biology, medicine and engineering.

In a very easy going journalistic style the author takes the reader on a journey through the subject touching on current technology, which is already having an impact on our lives, to future technology which is perhaps so distant its use or benefit is difficult to imagine. It is clear from the length of some of the topics discussed that the author is from a biological background but nevertheless he manages to give a relatively balanced overview of nanotechnology. 

The book is aimed at the science-interested general public and covers a range of topics including nanotechnology visionaries, nanomaterials, and nanotools. It also covers the fear of nano, where dangers and ethical challenges are discussed.

The author has clearly taken time to talk to leaders in the field and as a result the book is full of interesting quotes and analogies. He even manages to quote Shakespeare, although as far as I am aware he had little to do with the development of nanotechnology.

In summary, if you have a passing interest in nanotechnology and fancy a light read as well as a change from scaremongering and ill informed nanotechnology-related novels I would fully recommend this book.