Reviewed by Allouche Lionel, Strasbourg University, France

NMRnotebook is a software package designed for chemists and biochemists to enable them to manage, process, analyse and export 1D and 2D NMR data. All types of NMR data acquired on modern spectrometers from any manufacturer (eg Bruker, Varian, Jeol, Tecmag, JCAMP-D) can be imported and processed. 

The NMRnotebook philosophy is to concentrate all NMR data and associated documents, such as pictures, text or tables, relative to a molecule/project/publication/report in one directory.  

The spectral processing analysis tools include FID (filter identifier) setup, Fourier transforms, apodisation functions, phasing, baseline correction, peak peaking, integration and calibration. 

An expert mode is available for those who want to modify the analysis procedures and the NMR spectra obtained. The user has the choice to print out in real time the spectrum visualised on the screen, or to create a picture in bitmap or vectorial mode. 

The software can be installed under Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X or Unix/Linux platforms.  

Optional modules will soon enrich NMRnotebook for NMR specialists such as DOSY Module, basic and advanced SOLID Module. 

NMRnotebook is an excellent and modern NMR tool, which combines compatibility, performance, quality of results, flexibility and portability. 

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