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    Really, really, big numbers


    Sodium chloride

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    News from the future – December 2018


    Biodegradable dishwasher tablets

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    The ultimate quantum fluid


    All change!

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    Chemists in the screen scene


    Chemical Oscars

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    News from the future – May 2027


    Yet more land goes back to nature

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    There are more than 140 million registered users on MySpace

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    Dragon sausages


    The recent threat of trading standards action against Welsh sausage maker Black Mountains Smokery has been the subject of much press interest here in the UK

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    Writers block


    It used to be held that the cure for writer's block was to gaze fixedly at a blank sheet of paper until beads of blood formed on your forehead

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    Reality television


    With the growth in popularity of 'reality' television series and hard-nosed quiz shows continuing unabated, it's good to see that chemistry has not been neglected

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    Monopoly for chemists


    Despite its venerable history, the board game Monopoly is as popular as ever and continues to inspire new variations on the classic theme.

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    Hot sauce


    It was not the only story on 1 April in the UK newspaper 'The Times' that could have been a joke, but the half-page devoted to 'the chilli so hot you need gloves' was certainly shortlisted

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    Nutritional uncertainty


    I sometimes wonder if Heisenberg wasn't a nutritionist rather than a physicist, because in terms of uncertainty, nutrition science currently takes the biscuit

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    Emissions of football


    From a scientific point of view it's fair to say that currently it's the biochemistry of metatarsal healing that exercises most England fans' concerns

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    The right kind of boredom


    I have nights when I wake up at three and have great difficulty returning to that blissful state whence I came.

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    Patently interesting


    As the world wide web continues to grow apace, the number of immensely useful sites also increases.

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    The names of things


    The great French chemist Antoine Lavoisier (1743-1794) understood the importance of names in science

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    Understanding water


    Funny stuff, water. The most abundant liquid on our planet, universal solvent, major constituent of all living matter; yet water is far from fully characterised

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    Poetic chemistry


    Here's a hypothetical liberal arts chemistry exam question

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    Referee remuneration


    Maybe the time has come for academics to make a stand

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    The good, the bad and the ugly


    Three events which together constitute the good, the bad and the ugly sides of a medical breakthrough