Digital developments

When it comes to computers, chemists have enjoyed advances in both hardware and software this year. Quantum computers can now tackle quantum chemistry calculations on bigger molecules than before. And algorithms can search chemical space, plot reaction pathways and predict the products of chemistry reactions like a boss. How long until chemists require a cybernetic upgrade to keep their jobs? 

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A man holding placards at the March for science, Washington DC

News and current affairs

Science hit the headlines throughout the world in 2017, with Marches for science rising against the Trump administration in particular. And Brexit may mean Brexit, but what does it mean for chemistry?

Flexible graphene sheet

Atoms and bonding

All the big developments in chemistry research, including bonding, reactions and synthesis, materials and the rise of digital chemistry

DNA strand

Biochemistry and medicine

From a Nobel prize in imaging biological systems to developing powerful new painkillers, chemists have been at the forefront of medical innovation in 2017

Painting by the 'Spanish Forger'

History and culture

Chemists continue to help us understand our history, shedding light on materials and practices behind great works of art, while shaping the culture we live in