Directory of microbicides for the protection of materials: a handbook

Directory of microbicides for the protection of materials: a handbook 
Wilfried Paulus (Ed.) 
Springer | 2005 | 787pp | ?207.00 (HB) | ISBN 1402028172 
Reviewed by David Karsa

Seldom can so much data be found in a single volume and be so clearly presented and well-referenced. Thirty-six contributors, sadly not identified by their industrial or academic affiliations, have produced what can be regarded as one of the most comprehensive guides to microbicides ever compiled. 

The first part provides an introduction to microbicides and their mode of action, an insight into some of the most innovative developments in biocide technology, legislative issues and a comprehensive review of the principal application sectors where microbicides are used.  

Chapters on legislation include the impact of the European biocidal products directive, the US antimicrobial pesticides regulations and a review of the risk assessment of biocides in the environment. Applications considered in depth include their use in cooling water systems, recreational water treatment (pools and spas), oilfield applications, prevention of fuel degradation, coolants, polymers dispersions, mineral dispersions, cosmetic and toiletry products, food and beverages, disinfectants and sanitisers, plastics, leather, pulp and paper, surface coatings,textiles, wood protection and their use against biofilms. 

The second part of the handbook systematically describes 21 families of biocides with members of each family individually described in terms of chemical name(s), formula and structure, CAS and EC numbers, named suppliers, chemical and physical properties, toxicity and ecotoxicity data, and antimicrobial efficacy. 

This impressive volume is destined to become an essential reference book for all those with an interest in the formulation and application of microbicides.