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Are you curious about the precision behind pharmaceutical production or the complexities of ensuring product quality amidst stringent regulations? In this webinar, Jacob Paduan, senior specialist at Lundbeck, will focus on these critical aspects and address the challenges of changes in manufacturing processes while exploring how modelling tools can optimise operations.

Jacob Paduan will be joined by JMP expert Spyros Megalou, who will show how exploratory data analysis and modelling enables continuous improvement of processes. He will also demonstrate how such information allows non-data scientists to better understand and communicate their findings while obtaining a clear visualisation.

By joining this webinar you will learn about best practices and gain insight into the complexities involved in comparing old and new analysis methods for navigating regulatory frameworks. These are set forth by agencies like the FDA and EMA, and it is important for experts to understand how to ensure compliance, while optimising manufacturing processes.

You will also learn about:

  • Challenges in transitioning equipment: Discover the obstacles in moving from old to new testing methods and the regulatory hurdles involved.
  • Data analysis and visualisation: Learn how to explore and visualise data to gain meaningful insights.
  • Modelling for optimisation: Understand how models predict and optimise outcomes.
  • Optimising testing parameters: Explore best practices for achieving optimal results despite varying properties and methods.



Portrait headshot of Jacob Paduan from Lundbeck

Jacob Paduan

Jacob Paduan is a senior specialist at Lundbeck Global Bulk Support, where he and his colleagues are responsible for tech transfers, process validations, and second-line support for all bulk processes and related documentations. The products include both sterile and tablet products at in-house production sites as well as CMOs.


Portrait headshot of Spyros Megalou from JMP

Spyros Megalou

Spyros Megalou is a systems engineer at JMP, where he assists users in the Nordics. He holds a PhD in RFID technology and applications and has a strong foundation in electrical and computer engineering with a focus on telecommunications. He is also a co-founder of Beyond Earth Aristotle Missions, a student space association, and was a teaching assistant during his doctoral studies.

Megalou is now dedicated to helping scientists and engineers make the most out of their data using JMP and statistical analysis capabilities like data manipulation, exploratory data analysis, design of experiments, predictive modelling and statistical process control.

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