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  • Silhouette of man drinking alcohol


    2 August 2019

    One doctor's battle with alcoholism and self-experimentation with baclofen led to a rush of people desperate to try the drug to curb their addictions. But are we simply replacing one problem with another, asks Enna Guadalupe

  • An illustration of Crispr

    Crispr treatment reverses muscular dystrophy in mice

    29 July 2019

    Upregulated gene triggers laminin-α1 protein production, reviving paralysed limbs

  • Scientist working with blood sample in a laboratory


    21 June 2019

    The first drug approved in the US to treat Aids required a completely new approach to clinical trials – Frances Addison explores the history of azidothymidine

  • Grey long-eared bat (Plecotus austriacus)


    7 June 2019

    Katrina Krämer investigates how one of the smallest small molecule drugs around saved Jeanna Giese's life

  • Blister pack tablets


    26 April 2019

    Kit Chapman investigates the drug that has been one of the top five prescription medications in the UK every year for the last two decades

  • An image showing a health surveillance assistant giving a malaria vaccine dose to a toddler

    Pilot malaria vaccination programme begins in Malawi

    25 April 2019

    Mosquirix vaccine will be rolled out in Ghana and Kenya next week

  • Arrowroot crop in Bermuda


    19 April 2019

    Inspired by a mention of arrowroot in Jane Austen's Emma, Mike Freemantle investigates how subtle differences in composition mean starch can be resistant dietary fibre or easily-digested nourishment.

  • An image showing the spraying of crops in Kenya

    Building a biological biocide

    12 April 2019

    Aqualution Systems produces stable hypochlorous acid, a natural biocide up to 300 times more effective than bleach

  • Olive oil


    12 April 2019

    How an early synthetic dye chemical came to play a role in a mysterious disease outbreak in 1980s Spain

  • An image showing a closeup view of a biofilm of antibiotic resistant bacteria

    Synthetic enzyme wipes out tough bacterial biofilms

    12 April 2019

    After success in mice strategy could be an alternative to antibiotics to treat wounds