An illustration showing the process of recycling fabrics

Recycling clothing the chemical way


Nina Notman explores how chemistry is poised to close the loop in clothing recycling

An image showing a hand stealing a star off the US flag

Theft of universities’ secrets fuels US crackdown on Chinese talent programmes


Government worries that national labs and universities are complacent about the threat to intellectual property

An image showing a scarecrow

A dedicated follower of slow fashion


Our features editor has some clothes that are nearly old enough to vote

An image showing Charles Lieber

Harvard’s chemistry head charged with fraud for hiding ties to Chinese institute


Nanoscience pioneer Charles Lieber faces up to five years in jail for failing to disclose millions in funding from China to US funding agencies

An image showing a photograph of the hydrogen sample

Metallic hydrogen reveals itself under mounting pressure


Robust data help close in on prized room temperature superconductor

An image showing blue pills

Researchers call for stricter rules on drug-like medical devices


More oversight is needed over products in the grey area between medical device and medication

An image showing a group of chicken and poo

Bird droppings to help cut the crap in graphene doping papers


Dramatic illustration shows there’s little value in doping graphene electrodes to make better water splitting catalysts

An image showing researchers in a lab

Researchers love their jobs but toxic competition and publishing pressures take their toll


Largest survey of its kind finds research culture is struggling – results that surprise few

An image showing an airplane wing

Aircraft wings could be assembled cheaply and easily using nanotubes


Technique would eliminate the need for pressure vessels the size of a building

An image showing the application of flame retardant

Four chemical classes cost US public 270 million IQ points over 15 years


Flame retardants and pesticides linked to over a million intellectual disability cases between 2001 and 2016

An image showing tap water

Water treatment byproducts linked to thousands of bladder cancers in Europe


Call for countries to do more to drive down levels of trihalomethanes produced during disinfection

An image showing an illustration of Helicobacter Pylori

Sugars designed to disrupt bacterial cell wall biosynthesis


Rare monosaccharides explore concept for new narrow-spectrum antibiotics

An image showing a view of Saturn from Titan

Computer says no to membrane-bound life on Titan


Scientists quash inside–out cell membrane theory but don’t completely rule out possibility of life on cryogenic liquid hydrocarbon worlds

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A photograph of Polly Arnold

Polly Arnold’s diversity of interests


Kit Chapman asks the champion of actinide chemistry and diversity in science what comes next as she starts her new role at a US national lab

An image showing glycans

Can chemists crack our cells’ sugar code?


Rachel Brazil talks to the scientists trying to understand the sweet mystery of the glycome

An image showing rhodamine b added microneedles

Can smart biomaterials deliver?


James Mitchell Crow explores the next generation of therapeutic biomaterials, which aim to interact dynamically with the body and help to control diabetes and heal wounds

An image showing hands placing spices into a pan of curry

The chemistry of a curry


Can chemistry help Nina Notman make a better curry?

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