Ten chemistry undergraduate textbooks

Here are the ten chemistry undergraduate textbooks most frequently recommended in UK universities: 

General chemistry 

N Greenwood and A Earnshaw, Chemistry of the elements 
Butterworth Heinemann, 2nd edition, 1997 (SB), 3rd edition in preparation, ISBN 0750633654 

C Housecroft and E Constable, Chemistry: an introduction to organic, inorganic and physical chemistry
Prentice Hall, 3rd edition, 2005 (SB), ISBN 0131275674

Organic chemistry 

J Clayden, N Greeves, S Warren and P Wothers, Organic chemistry
Oxford University Press, 2000 (SB) ISBN 0198503466 

J McMurray, Organic chemistry
Brooks/Cole, 6th edition, 2004 (SB) ISBN 0534389996 

Inorganic chemistry

P Atkins, T Overton, J Rourke, M Weller and F Armstrong, Shriver and Atkins Inorganic chemistry 
Oxford University Press, 4th edition, 2006 (SB) ISBN 0199264635 

C Housecroft and A Sharpe, Inorganic chemistry
Prentice Hall, 2nd edition, 2004 (SB) ISBN 0130399132 

Physical chemistry 

P Atkins and J de Paula, Physical chemistry
Oxford University Press, 8th edition, 2006 (SB) ISBN 0198700725

P Atkins and J de Paula, Elements of physical chemistry
Oxford University Press, 4th edition, 2005 (SB) ISBN 0199271836 


D Williams and I Fleming, Spectroscopic methods in organic chemistry
McGraw Hill, 5th edition, 1995 ISBN 0077091477 

J Keeler and P Wothers, Why reactions happen
Oxford University Press, 2003 (SB) ISBN 0199249733