Enna Guadalupe

After completing my second year of studying Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Leicester, I decided to go in search of some opportunities to develop my love of science and media even further. In June 2019, I joined the ChemistryWorld team as a digital content assistant intern, as part of the Change100 internship programme.

  • An image showing a colony of blue green algae in culture medium plate

    Engineered cyanobacteria turn carbon dioxide into petrol substitute

    14 August 2019

    Strategy transforms wild photosynthetic organism into a system that could reduce humanity’s reliance on fossil fuels

  • Silhouette of man drinking alcohol


    2 August 2019

    One doctor's battle with alcoholism and self-experimentation with baclofen led to a rush of people desperate to try the drug to curb their addictions. But are we simply replacing one problem with another, asks Enna Guadalupe