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    Scientific Reality Shows


    I'm no fan of reality TV. But watching people just going about their business can be fascinating, says Philip Ball

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    Proteins unravelled


    Philip Ball explores the phenomenon of protein unfolding, and considers new techniques for keeping the egg unscrambled

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    Scientific Debate


    Three chemists have resurrected the art of science debate by publishing their conversations on the nature of bonds. This is science that makes you smile, says Philip Ball

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    The scientific wrinkles of facial rejuvenation


    Could red light and green tea really give 'facial rejuvenation'? Philip Ball looks at the intriguing science behind this new claim

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    Hunger for h-index


    Philip Ball rakes through the findings of new research into the h-index and unearths some top tips for citation-hungry researchers

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    The power of salinity


    Philip Ball looks at a new device that creates energy from salinity differences between fresh and sea water

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    A nose for nanoparticles


    Zinc nanoparticles appear to have the ability to make odorants smell stronger and could a give a valuable insight into how olfaction works, says Philip Ball

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    Researchers form first liquid protein


    Chemists in the UK have figured out how to convert pure proteins into a liquid state, without any solvent

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    Polyhedra of the past


    Today polyhedra speak to chemists of fullerenes and other cage molecules. But they once had a very different meaning, says Philip Ball

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    In Brief


    Short review items

  • Periodic table of the elements – 82 – Lead



    Phil Ball explores the multifaceted ways of lead (also known as plumbum)

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    From flaws to fraud


    Philip Ball asks if fraud is a result of communication breakdowns

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    Nature's tapestry



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    Golden garments


    Simple nanoscience is bringing the legendary Golden Fleece to life in the form of merino wool dyed with gold. Philip Ball links myth to modern science

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    The upsides to amyloid proteins


    Unwinding protein fibrils could give a glimpse of how peptides survived on early Earth

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    Making use of molecular motions


    Thermal motions on the molecular scale are not just useless noise, discovers Philip Ball

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    The science of scents is not simple


    The flowery language of fragrance chemistry doesn't distract Philip Ball from the sharp scent of olfactory understanding

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    Feynman's fancy


    Richard Feynman's famous talk on atom-by-atom assembly is often credited with kick-starting nanotechnology. Fifty years on, Philip Ball investigates how influential it really was

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    The utility of oxidation states


    Oxidation state is a convenient fiction, but the concept is far from meaningless, writes Philip Ball

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    Literary reactions


    Chemistry makes occasional appearances in fiction but rarely takes centre stage. Philip Ball unearths chemistry's fictional roles