food colouring

  • Universal indicator paper


    25 October 2018

    Kat Arney gets to the bottom of the story of phenolphthalein – a chemical with two very different uses. If you've measured pH in a classroom or had some trouble in the bathroom, you may have met this compound before.

  • 0217CW_Feature_Colours_F1_630m

    The natural food dye revolution

    8 January 2016

    As consumers turn their backs on artificial food colorants, food scientists learn how to work with natural alternatives. Sarah Houlton investigates

  • Carmine pigment on a white background

    Carminic acid

    17 July 2015

    Raychelle Burks introduces a red dye with a prickly history

  • shutterstock_221369077_300tb

    Caramel colour in soft drinks linked to cancer

    26 February 2015

    Regulatory bodies and researchers sceptical of study on 4-MEI found in food colour