An image showing MedUSA, a large-scale hybrid additive manufacturing platform

3D printing the future


Kit Chapman takes a tour of a US Department of Energy lab, where 3D printing is performed on a massive scale

A photograph showing Linus Pauling

Textbook structure rules formulated by Linus Pauling 90 years ago prove unreliable


Just 13% of 5000 oxides found to fulfil all five coordination geometry predictions

An image showing the 2019-nCoV spike protein

Detailed 3D coronavirus spike map offers hope for vaccine development


Structure determined at ‘remarkable’ speed in little over a month

An image taken during a London UCU strike

14 days of strikes underway at UK universities as disputes continue


Staff at 74 higher education institutions take action over pensions, pay and working conditions

A portrait of Amanda Solloway

Government reshuffle splits UK science minister brief


Amanda Solloway is promoted from the backbenches to become the UK’s new science minister

A protective mask is seen on statues outside a restaurant as a guard wearing a protective mask walks by in an empty and shuttered commercial street on February 5, 2020 in Beijing, China

Open data and genomics are at the forefront in battle to control coronavirus


Efforts to tackle the virus have seen unprecedented cross-border collaboration


Solar-powered water purification


Majico’s photocatalytic water kiosks are increasing access to affordable drinking water in Tanzania

A photograph showing Sir John Cadogan

Industry and academic chemistry titan John Cadogan dies


Past president of the Royal Society of Chemistry passes away aged 89

An image showing glowing crystals

First colour-changing crystal glow could make for safer banknotes


New type of blue-to-orange luminescence discovered in organic material

An image showing the crystal structure of C2H5ONa

Sodium ethoxide crystal structure solved after 180 years


Analysis of reagent commonly used in Claisen condensations and malonic ester synthesis

An illustration showing the search for antibiotics using artificial intelligence

AI tool screens 107 million molecules, discovers potent new antibiotics


Deep learning approach could help in fight against drug-resistant bacteria

An image showing the crystal structure of the Au4Ru2(PPh3)2(SC2H4Ph)8 cluster

Light-harvesting clusters and titanium dioxide cooperate to fix nitrogen


Atomically precise metal clusters continue to gather momentum by catalysing the production of ammonia

An image showing the crystallisation of sodium chloride

Really random numbers created from crystals


Robot that monitors crystallization could lead to new ways to study stochastic processes in chemistry

Voice of the Royal Society of Chemistry

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An image showing an array of syringes

Adjuvants: vaccines’ hidden helpers


Anthony King examines a crucial part of vaccines that can significantly boost their performance, but which often go unrecognised

An image showing a pollution map of Europe

Catching the polluters


Measurement techniques can pinpoint emitters like unroadworthy trucks and broken gas pipes, finds Andy Extance, but are not yet widespread

An image showing a shot of HPV vaccine

The search for cancer vaccines


Claire Jarvis looks at ongoing work to prevent the disease – and convince a sceptical community of their seriousness

An illustration showing the process of recycling fabrics

Recycling clothing the chemical way


Nina Notman explores how chemistry is poised to close the loop in clothing recycling

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