Fiona Case

Fiona Case

Fiona Case is a freelance science writer based in San Diego, California, USA. She focuses on industrial applications of materials, and has a particular fondness for polymers, nanomaterials, structured fluids, and any material that promises to save the world. When she is not writing she teaches short courses, consults for the Nano Science and Technology Institute and is the Technical Program Chair for the annual NSTI Nanotech and TechConnect World Innovation Conferences. She has been writing for Chemistry World since 2005.



  • Gated membranes

    Opening the gated membrane floodgates

    21 June 2016

    A layer of liquid creates switchable, anti-fouling membranes for water purification, biofuel processing and lab-on-chip applications

  • Aerogel windowsC0233100 SPL300tb

    Better windows with aerogels

    20 June 2016

    Researchers have developed ways of making improved, cheaper transparent silica aerogel composites that could revolutionise windows

  • Enzymes for everyone

    Enzymes for everyone

    24 March 2016

    Can scientists overcome enzymes’ fragility and exploit their speed and specificity? Fiona Case investigates

  • Nanomotor_repair_300px

    Nano repair bots mimic wound healing to seal cracks

    16 March 2016

    Janus particles swim to site of damaged electrical circuit and get it working again

  • nutrachemicals_iStock_000039719300_300tb

    Alternative nutraceutical delivery method proposed

    25 August 2015

    Alternatives address safety concerns about surfactant-based emulsifiers

  • shutterstock_260188946_300tb

    Gender bias in US research funding investigated

    21 April 2015

    Three US Congresswomen requested an investigation into whether funding bias is holding back women in science

  • distributing clean water

    Chemists on a mission

    21 February 2014

    The dramatic footage from a humanitarian crisis rarely features chemists, but they can play a vital role. Fiona Case is inspired by some examples

  • turbine blade

    Magical mixtures of metals

    18 October 2013

    From bronze axes to jet engines, alloys have enabled humanity’s cutting-edge technology, as Fiona Case finds out

  • Thermal imaging a house

    Green houses

    5 March 2013

    How can chemistry help reduce the energy consumption of our houses? Fiona Case shares a blueprint for the buildings of tomorrow

  • Feature

    A shade of green

    29 November 2011

    Major retailers are starting to consider the environmental impact of the fabric dyeing and finishing processes used by their manufacturers. Fiona Case reports

  • Feature

    Where the rubber meets the road

    29 September 2011

    A tyre's composition affects grip, fuel economy and its lifetime. Fiona Case investigates how new materials are improving tyre performance and reducing environmental impact

  • Feature

    Nanotech decade

    24 February 2011

    Ten years of investment has turned nanotechnology into a booming research and industrial landscape. Fiona Case investigates whether it has lived up to the hype

  • News

    Bisphenol A and the baby bottle debate

    26 March 2008

    There are always uncertainties when animal studies are extrapolated into human effects

  • Feature

    Molecules that matter

    28 November 2007

    What began as one chemistry professor's project to find the 10 most important molecules of the 20th century, has brought science and art together in a unique exhibition

  • Careers


    1 October 2007

    Steve Koonin's curiosity and drive to 'make a difference' led him from academia to one of the world's largest energy companies. Fiona Case meets him

  • News

    Slip slidin' away

    1 October 2007

    Exciting areas of polymer chemistry have exploded within the last decade

  • Feature

    Spun from bench to boardroom

    24 May 2007

    Academics are making their mark on the business world, profiting from their ideas.

  • News

    Synchronised delivery for DNA and drugs

    26 September 2006

    Polymer capsules release twin cargos for cancer therapy.

  • Feature

    100 years of the FDA

    26 June 2006

    The 1906 pure food and drug act was set up to protect US citizens from unregulated and potentially harmful products. Implementing the regulation has presented the US Food and Drug Administration with many high-profile challenges, as Fiona Case finds out.

  • Feature

    Health concerns drive change

    29 July 2005

    Eating too much trans fat is bad for your health and manufacturers are working to lower the levels in foods. Fiona Case explores some of the techniques that chemists, biologists and engineers have developed

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